What is MyCare Psychiatry?

MyCare Psychiatry quickly provides objective information, and when used in combination with other clinical information, may help you make better-informed treatment decisions and enhance shared decision making between you and your patient.

Advantages of MyCare Psychiatry Assays

  • Reagents run on clinical chemistry analyzers with open channels
  • Optimized for long shelf life and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Rapid turnaround
  • No reagent preparation
  • No sample pre-treatment
  • CE Marked and FDA Cleared

MyCare Provides Greater Clarity

With MyCare Psychiatry, you can have better insight about the causes of treatment failure (i.e. adherence, drug resistance, drug-drug interactions and drug metabolism) and may help distinguish medication non-response from lack of adherence. This information may help you establish the right medication at the right dose more quickly than you would based solely on patient self-report.

What Do People Like About MyCare?

MyCare Psychiatry Can Provide Doctors Insight Into Patient’s Medication Levels

  • The most important attribute is the short turn-­around time associated with MyCare
  • Measuring antipsychotic drug levels can aid medication management providing objective data to mental health professionals.
  • Monitoring of antipsychotic drug levels is recommended when adherence is in doubt or response is inadequate
  • The majority of psychiatrists (and primary care providers) believe MyCare will have major advantages -­ with one in five believing it will revolutionize the care of patients
  • Psychiatrists envision equal utility of MyCare in acute and non-­acute settings
  • Most psychiatrists agree that MyCare will help detect and give confidence about adherence

With MyCare Psychiatry, Caregivers See Hope In The Treatment Of Their Loved Ones

Caregivers have a positive reaction to MyCare and believe the test should be an essential part of loved ones’ treatment. Caregivers almost immediately recognize the benefits that MyCare can provide them.

  • Have greater confidence that their loved ones are taking their medication as prescribed
  • Have quick results at the appointment instead of waiting for days

With MyCare Psychiatry, Patients can have insight into their illness and play significant role in treatment decisions so that:

  • They will know the baseline levels for their medication
  • They can prove to their doctors and caregivers their adherence
  • They may have a better discussion with their doctor about why medication is not working well

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