Psychiatric Drug Adherence Shouldn’t Be a Question.

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The MyCare Insite Analyser: Valuable Point of Care Testing for Today’s Psychiatry

MyCare Insite offers greater confidence to clinicians by providing objective data about patient’s medication adherence and efficacy. The Insite measures the blood levels of the most common antipsychotic drugs along with frequently tested HbA1c. Similar to a blood glucose test, Insite requires only a drop of blood taken by finger-stick and generates results in approximately 7 minutes. Conducting the test requires minimal training.


  • Provides objective data that can:
  • Facilitate communication between clinician and patient (along with a full clinical assessment)
  • Provide important insights to help clinicians differentiate a lack of efficacy from a lack of adherence
  • Give clinicians object evidence for confidence in their clinical decisions
  • Facilitate effective patient management
  • Easy to use with only minimal training requirements
  • Small footprint saves valuable laboratory space
  • Lab quality results
  • Reliable point of care testing reduces overall costs

Test Menu

  • Clozapine*

  • Olanzapine

  • Paliperidone

  • Quetiapine

  • Total Aripiprazole

  • Total Risperidone

*Available with CE Mark. Others in Development.

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Insite Highlights


  • Size: 160 x 135 x 145 mm, weight: 2.2 kg
  • LCD color touch screen
  • No manual calibration required
  • Requires minimal training
  • Allows input of Patient ID and Operator ID
  • Optional barcode reader and printer
  • The analyser software can easily be upgraded to accommodate future tests


  • Results are transferred via ethernet connection or secure wi-fi
  • Web portal or computer connection available (selectable by configuration)
  • Compatable with most EMR


MyCare Insite Overview Video

Collecting a sample with MyCare Insite

Psychiatrist testimony

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*Clozapine Test Available with CE Mark. Others Tests in Development.

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