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The International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT) evaluated clinical evidence and strongly recommends TDM for the management of 5-FU therapy in patients with colorectal or head-and-neck cancer receiving standard 5-FU regimens.


Chemo is a Lifesaving Treatment, Let's Make it Better

With MyCare Oncology, patients can have chemotherapy with confidence knowing that they are getting an individualized dose which could lead to better outcomes and reduced side effects.


Real-time Busulfan Dose Adjustments Now Possible


Get the Chemotherapy Treatment Your Body Deserves!

Chemotherapy treatments affect different people differently. Everything about us can influence how drugs work in our bodies: age, gender, genetic factors, lifestyle, organ function, co-medications, body size, illness, and factors that may be unknown. No one can tell just by looking at you how your factors will affect how the drug works in your body.

Each Patient is Unique

Currently, doctors calculate your “Body Surface Area” (BSA) based on your height and weight to determine your chemo dose. BSA dosing does not take into account your individual metabolism, age, health, gender, and many other factors that can affect how your body responds to drugs.

Imagine two people undergoing the same chemotherapy regimen. Patient 1 is male, a rapid metabolizer, 25 years old, is 175 cm, weighs 73 kilograms, and is in good health. Patient 2 is female, a poor metabolizer, 60 years old, is 162 cm, weighs 82 kilograms, and has a challenging health status. They would receive the same chemo based on BSA dosing. Do you think these two patients should receive the same dose? You deserve the treatment that is right for you!

There’s a Better Way.

Getting too much drug (overdose) increases your chance of having severe side effects. This can make you so sick that you may have to skip or change treatments.

Getting too little drug (underdose) lowers your chance of beating your cancer. Your cancer is more likely to come back or spread to other parts of your body.

With the MyCare Oncology line of laboratory tests, your doctor can better determine if you are getting too much or too little drug. Your dose can be personalized so that it is right for you. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your cancer treatment has been tailored to your own body. Ask your doctor today, if you are being dosed by BSA or if you could receive a personalized dose of chemo based on a blood test.

It’s Simple.

Reduced adverse effects & longer progression free survival

MyCare Oncology enables personalized dosing to achieve optimal drug exposure which increases overall response rates and reduces toxicity. Optimized drug exposure results in higher treatment efficacy and lower treatment costs.

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