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Benefits of MyCare Reagents

Saladax offers a unique menu of in vitro diagnostic reagents which are internationally recognized as being of the highest quality; producing accurate and precise results. We have a test menu of 10 therapeutic drug monitoring assays, with long shelf life and a comprehensive list of analyser applications.* Our assay kits can be used on a wide range of clinic chemistry analysers providing you with access to specialized tests from an independent manufacturer.

Rapid turnaround time

When clinicians need timely information to manage patients and identify treatment issues, having an assay available to provide answers is important. Saladax's assays are designed to provide results back to physicians in clinically meaningful time-frames.

Reduce Costs

We can help create cost-savings for your laboratory through outstanding reagent stability; by eliminating the need for costly re-runs with the excellent quality of our products; and by offering a pay for reportable option verses direct kit purchase.

Reduce Labor

Reduce your time spent on running tests with liquid ready-to-use reagents, automated methods and our easy - fit options.

Bring testing in-house

Kits with excellent onboard and calibration stability, you don’t have to worry about reagent wastage, allowing testing to be brought in-house.

Expand Routine Testing

Specialty assays for the most common oncology and psychiatry drugs;* assay allows laboratory to expand routine test menu that otherwise require dedicated equipment (or were previously only available as an ELISA).

Expand your test menu without expanding your lab

There is no need to buy any extra equipment in order to expand your test menu. Our reagents can be run on clinical chemistry analysers from the major manufacturers.*

Reduce the risk of errors and have confidence in patient results

Our traceability of material and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances ensure uniformity across reagent lots with high accuracy. All our assays are validated against gold-standard methods and have excellent precision so you can have the confidence that you are sending out the correct patient results.

* Availability is region dependent

Request Information

If you are interested in ordering a test kit, please contact our USA headquarters via the contact information below, or fill out the contact form.


USA Headquarters

116 Research Drive,
Bethlehem, PA 18015
+1 (610) 419-6731