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Determining Clozapine Response vs. Nonresponse

Recorded in June 2023 at Saladax’s Virtual Product Theater in conjunction with AAPP

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When treating patients with clozapine, it is essential to distinguish a true clozapine non-response before giving up on clozapine treatment. During this session, Dr. Cotes will discuss factors to consider when looking for a response to clozapine titration. In addition, he will share examples of the titration protocol he uses. Finally, you will learn how rapid clozapine blood levels can facilitate treatment and how long to continue to treat with clozapine to determine if a patient is responding adequately.

Presenting Faculty:

Rob Cotes, MD, DFAPA

  • Director, Clinical and Research Program for Psychosis, Grady Health Systems
  • Associate Professor, Emory School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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