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Drug Level Testing

Personalized Chemotherapy Dose Optimization with a Simple Blood Test

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Rapid, accurate, easy to perform diagnostic test

Parameters available for a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers

CE Marked

Cost Effective

Only commercially available assay

No reagent preparation or sample pretreatment

ISO 13485 and FDA cGMP compliant manufacturing process

Patented 5-FU sample stabilizer for improved workflow

“My wife was diagnosed with cancer. Of course, I was devastated. I did what everyone else does, I spent hours on the internet researching everything. I didn’t like what I was reading. Doctors prescribe what they call maximum tolerated dose. Do you know what that means? They give as much as the body can tolerate. Even though studies show that after a certain point there is no additional benefit, and most certainly only increased adverse effects. Several studies point to a dosing method using TDM, it sounds reasonable. Give the patient an optimum dose, not too high, not too low. Why don’t all doctors use TDM instead of maximum tolerated dose?”

RickardoHusband & Caregiver

“Through Saladax's empathy and direct help, combined with a lot of leg work and persistence myself, we were able to determine if my wife was receiving the proper dose of 5-FU. Saladax connected us to a laboratory that could provide us 5-FU blood level testing.”

TimHusband & Caregiver

My5-FU Assay Performance

Precision Data

Sample Type Assigned Value (ng/mL) N Mean (ng/mL) Repeatability %CV Within-Laboratory %CV
Controls Low 225 80 223 2.5 5.2
Medium 450 80 450 1.4 2.1
High 900 80 910 1.1 1.6
Plasma Spike 1 240 80 238 4.9 5.5
Spike 2 470 80 475 1.8 2.6
Spike 3 700 80 705 1.9 2.1
Spike 4 1300 80 1341 1.4 2.0

Method Comparison

Slope = 1.017; Y-Intercept = 6.78;
Correlation Coefficient (r) = 0.9925

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