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The Only FDA-Cleared Clozapine Test

Unleash precise and reliable results in record time, redefining the landscape of clozapine therapeutic drug monitoring and patient management. Enter a new era of confidence, convenience, and efficiency with the Saladax clozapine test.


Book Recommendation:
The Clinical Use of Antipsychotic Plasma Levels


Clozapine Blood Levels Within Hours Instead of Days

• Timely and reproducible levels prevent the risks of suboptimal drug levels or toxicities
• No sample pre-treatment
• Ready to use liquid reagents, calibrators, and controls
• Validated on a majority of clinical chemistry analyzers
• Excellent correlation between laboratories no matter which analyzer the laboratory uses
• Reimbursed with CPT code 80159, making it a financially viable choice


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Book Recommendation:
The Clozapine Handbook


What is MyCare Psychiatry?

Rapid, accurate, and easy to perform tests

Saladax’s MyCare Psychiatry product line consists of 5 in vitro diagnostic tests which measure drug levels of the 6 most commonly prescribed antipsychotic drugs. These tests are essential diagnostic tools used by Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to monitor patient’s blood  levels of these prescribed drugs.

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It’s Important

MyCare Psychiatry provides rapid insights to aid in patient management when it matters most.1 In light of the serious consequences of unsuccessful treatment, the value of having rapid access to information that may be used to reorient the treatment cannot be overstated. Timely knowledge of antipsychotic serum levels of patients with complicated courses of treatment would allow prescribers to make highly consequential decisions based on data rather than guesswork.

1Horvitz-Lennon, Marcela, Zachary Predmore, and Soeren Mattke, Personalizing Antipsychotic Treatment of Schizophrenia: Monitoring Plasma Levels for Improved Treatment Decisions. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2017.

It’s Personalized

Every person’s body handles antipsychotic medications differently. MyCare Psychiatry tests provide personalized drug concentrations that help HCPs make reliable treatment decisions for each patient. MyCare offers data-driven clinical decision support to supplement patient self-report and enhance shared decision-making between you and your patient.

Rapid, accurate, easy to perform diagnostic test

Ready for use on automated analyzers already present in clinical labs

<30 minutes to generate a result after receipt in lab

Testing can be performed STAT

Testing can be offered 24 x 7

Cost Effective

Quantitative Drug Levels

The only FDA Cleared Clozapine Assay

What Do People Like About MyCare?

MyCare Psychiatry Can Provide Healthcare Professionals Insight Into Patient’s Medication Levels

  • Measuring antipsychotic drug levels can aid in patient management providing objective data to HCPs
  • The majority of psychiatrists (and HCPs) believe MyCare will have major advantages -­ with one in five believing it will revolutionize the care of patients1
  • HCPs can receive drug levels rapid enough to be of clinical use
  • HCPs for the first time now have a convenient diagnostic tool to assist in the management and optimization of their patient’s therapy
  • HCPs envision equal utility of MyCare in acute and non-­acute settings

With MyCare Psychiatry, Caregivers See Hope In The Treatment Of Their Loved Ones

Caregivers have a positive reaction to MyCare and believe the test should be an essential part of loved ones’ treatment. Caregivers almost immediately recognize the benefits that MyCare can provide them.

  • Drug levels are received by HCPs in a timely manner
  • Greater confidence that their loved ones’ treatment plan is being monitored and managed

With MyCare Psychiatry, Patients Can Have Insight Into Their Illness And Play A Significant Role In Treatment Decisions So That:

  • They will know the baseline levels for their medication and be engaged in their appointments
  • HCPs, caregivers and patients can see drug level results and have a better discussion about why their medication is not working well

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