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Saladax offers the only test menu focused on the treatment of mental health patients by providing rapid, accurate, easy to perform diagnostic tests. These tests are ready for use on automated analyzers already present in clinical laboratories.

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Assays Available in the USA for MyCare Laboratory Kits

  • Clozapine

Laboratory Testing with MyCare Kits

Ensure outstanding levels of performance with MyCare Psychiatry Tests

Antipsychotic drugs are used to treat a variety of conditions for the benefit of mental health patients. Measurement of antipsychotic drugs is a powerful tool that tailors treatment to the specific needs of individual patients. It can help with monitoring adherence, dose adjustment, reducing relapse, minimizing the risk of toxicity, and cost-effectiveness in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. MyCare Psychiatry Tests offer the only commercially available assays to measure the most widely prescribed antipsychotics.

Indications for Antipsychotic Drug Measurement:

• Dose optimization after initial prescription or after dose change
• Suspected complete or partial non-adherence (noncompliance) to medication
• Lack of clinical improvement under recommended doses
• Adverse effects alongside clinical improvement under recommended doses

• Combination treatment with a drug known for its interaction potential or suspected drug interaction
• Relapse under adequate doses
• Patients with pharmacokinetically relevant comorbidities; such as hepatic or renal insufficiency, cardiovascular disease; patients with abnormally high or low body weight or body index.
• Forensic patients

Rapid, accurate, easy to perform diagnostic test

Ready for use on automated analyzers already present in clinical labs

<30 minutes to generate a result after receipt in lab

Testing can be performed STAT

Testing can be offered 24 x 7

Cost Effective

The only FDA cleared Clozapine Assay