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Results that Matter,
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MyCare Psychiatry Tests Provide Greater Clarity

MyCare tests quickly provide objective information, and when used in combination with other clinical information, may help you make better-informed treatment decisions and enhance shared decision making between you and your patient.

MyCare tests provide greater clarity to aid Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in medication management by providing objective data. This information may help establish the right medication at the right dose for patients.

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Learn About the Role of Antipsychotic TDM in Clinical Decision Making

View this Educational Presentation On The Role Of Antipsychotic TDM In Clinical Decision Making Presented At The 2022 National College Of Psychiatric And Neurologic Pharmacists.

Who Does MyCare Psychiatry Benefit?1

HCPs want regular testing that is beneficial in the treatment of patients:

  • With medications that aren’t working
  • Who suffer from unwelcome side effects
  • On LAIs, to ensure optimal levels for patients throughout the cycle
  • On multiple medications
  • With medications which require blood levels
  • Who require a change in medication
  • To establish a patient’s baseline

1Hiemke C, Bergemann N, Clement HW, et al.Pharmacopsychiatry. 2018;51(1-02):9-62.

Patient Q&A

Your patients will likely have questions about MyCare Psychiatry tests. Click these boxes to see suggested answers to their questions.

“How often will I be tested?”

MyCare is most beneficial when used regularly. Patients’ conditions change over time which may affect drug levels.

“Who will explain the results to me?”

Your intake nurse may take your blood sample and your treating health care provider will explain the results to you.

“What will you do with the results?”

Similar to measuring your cholesterol or blood sugar, we can use MyCare to help you meet your treatment goals and guide decisions about your medication. Just like all of your other medical information, MyCare results are private and protected.

“Is this a test to see if I’m taking street drugs?”

MyCare can only measure the amount of antipsychotic medication in your body. MyCare isn’t able to measure any other drugs, including street drugs.